Interested in joining our friendly running club?

Submit A Club Challenge Run

A few rules/guidelines

  1. Please complete the course, they are course races rather than a distance, as with all distance races, it’s from start to finish lines not the mileage.
  2. When submitting your times please set the activity to race, or ensure your screenshot shows the moving time and elapsed time, if you cannot show this you may be asked to submit another. Take your watch or phone off auto-pause as this will give you a false time.
  3. If you cheat with shortened distance or the moving time, you may be asked to re-submit another, please don’t get upset, it’s so everyone has the same rules and it’s fair for everyone.
  4. Stick to the government’s advice guidelines on social distancing at all times
  5. Please don’t bring the club into disrepute by breaking the guidelines.