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NDRC Parkrun League

Runner’s are to compete in Parkrun events across the country (world), to be the NDRC Parkrun champion! This athlete will receive the coveted NDRC Parkrun shield. 

The aim is to move up the divisions, with the top league being the championship. If you’re there – try & stay there! The runners in the championship have the opportunity to hit the top spot come the end of the year. These Parkrun events are also ideal opportunities to strive for the NDRC 5k club standards.


  • The results will be taken from the Parkrun age graded percentage. Therefore anyone has a fair chance of winning. This includes male & female athletes competing together.
  • You must run at least one time within the calendar month – so there will be a minimum of four Parkrun weekends where you can do your time. If you do more than one in a calendar month, your best performance will be used. You only have to do one to count for that month.
  • Any Parkrun course is accepted.
  • The league will be updated once a month, after the last Saturday of the month:
    • The runners with the top three averages will be promoted a division, the bottom three averages will be demoted a division.
  • It will run Jan – Dec in normal circumstances. This year it will relaunch on June 5th ! The winner will receive a shield to keep for the year, similar to the ‘runners runner’ & ‘Twigg’.
    • The first month (July ‘21) will dictate the initial division placement order – giving a fair chance to log a benchmark. The best performance will be used if you do more than one. This time period may be extended, depending on how Parkrun reopen post Covid restrictions.
  • Dog assisted times will not count towards the Parkrun League standings. 
  • You will automatically be entered into the running, as long as you run a Parkrun with ‘North Derbyshire RC’ selected as your club in your Parkrun settings. That way the results can be filtered by the club each week.
    • To ease the management of the league, results will not be included if you do not filter under the above club settings


Parkrun League results will be emailed out to members weekly. 


How is it scored?

    • Parkrun provide age graded results, this is what will be used for fairness & consistency.
    • Each months best % will be used from your events. This will be averaged out throughout the year – so it will require consistency over ‘one off’ good performances. If you want to be in with a chance of winning, don’t miss a month!

What happens if I miss a month?

    • You will receive a 0% for that month, this will massively reduce your average & may get you relegated from your current division.

Do I have to take part?

    • No you don’t – you can opt out if you wish.
      • If you then change your mind & choose to participate later in the year, you will start from the bottom with 0% averages for the missed months. This is to keep it fair to those that turned out consistently. The only goal then is to start moving up as far as possible for the following year.

What if I’m a new member?

    • New members that miss initial placement order will start from the lowest division. If you run good averages – you will start to move up. 

What happens the following year?

    • The runners will remain in the division position they finished in, but the averages will be reset. This will make it fair for those that started late & started making moves up the divisions.