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This years current achievements can be viewed HERE. 

Below are the achievements by North Derbyshire runners from previous years.

Standards Achieved 2020

Name Age Cat Standard Distance Official Time Where Achieved
Richard Start Senior Gold 5k  14:50 Mid Cheshire
Richard Start Senior Gold 5k  15:30 NWiP
Andy Todd MV40 Silver Half Marathon 1:24:48 Retford
Shaun McArthur  MV60 Silver Half Marathon 1:44:08 Retford
Dean McLaughlin MV40 Silver 10k 36:32 Cheshire
Tom Topham Senior  Silver  10k 36:51 Dewsbury
Dean McLaughlin MV40 Silver 10k 37:17 Normandy
Wayne Church MV40 Silver 10k 38:24 Cheshire
KatarzynaRaczkiewicz FV40 Silver 10k 40:59 Leicestershire
Dean McLaughlin MV40 Silver 5k 18:38 Mid Cheshire
Wayne Church MV40 Bronze Half Marathon 1:26:04 Cheshire
Sam Iliffe  Senior  Bronze Half Marathon 1:29:21 Retford
Wayne Church  MV40  Bronze Half Marathon 1:29:37 Leicester
Chris Breen MV55  Bronze Half Marathon 1:41:05 Retford
Jackie Yates FV45 Bronze Half Marathon 1:47:55 Cheshire
Steve Beddoe  MV55 Bronze 10k 45:16 Maften
Steve Beddoe  MV55  Bronze  10k 45:48 Rother Valley
Jackie Yates FV45 Bronze 10k 49:10 Cheshire
Bev Warwick FV60 Bronze 10k 54:33 Dronfield
Steve Beddoe  MV55  Bronze  5k  22:13 Nottingham
Julie Cooper FV40  Bronze  5k  22:19 NWiP
Dave Hicken MV60  Bronze 5k  24:57 NWiP
Bev Warwick FV60  Bronze 5k  26:05 NWiP

Standards Achieved 2019-20

Name Age Cat Standard Distance Official Time Where Achieved
Richard Start Senior Gold Half Marathon  1:07:33  Brass Monkey
Richard Start Senior Gold 10k 31:02 Ribble Valley
Steve Rundell  MV55  Silver Marathon  3:23:03 Holme Pierrepont
Tim Clayton MV55 Silver 5k 20:49 Avenue
John Sanderson MV40 Silver 5k 17:37 Millhouses PR
Dean Houlton MV55 Silver 5k 19:43 Poolsbrook
 Tom Topham Senior Bronze
Half Marathon 1:22:33 Brass Monkey
 Dean McLaughlin  MV35 Bronze  10k 39:52 Telford
 Wayne Church MV40 Bronze 10k 41:10 Percy Pud
 Dave Pendlebury MV50 Bronze 10k 43:46 Percy Pud
 Jackie Yates  FV45  Bronze  10k 49:05 Percy Pud
 Paul Boden MV55  Bronze   10k 46:25 Bolsover
Fiona Duroe FV55 Bronze 10k 52:49 Bolsover
Helen McArthur FV55 Bronze 10k  52:48 Bolsover
Paul Bolden MV55 Bronze 5k 21:59 NWiP
John Murray MV60 Bronze 5k 24:47 NWiP
Helen McArthur FV55 Bronze 5K 25:44 NWiP
Fiona Duroe FV55 Bronze 5k 25:54 NWiP
 Dave Pendlebury MV50 Bronze 5k  22:29 NWiP
 Fiona Duroe FV55  Bronze  5k  25:54 NWiP
 Tom Topham  Sen  Bronze  5k  18:12  NWiP
 Chris Breen MV55  Bronze  5k  21:37  NWiP