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Club Challenge Virtual Race Series for 2021

The Virtual Club Challenge for 2021 is 27 races of varying distance from 5k to Half Marathon all mainly local events, all you need to do is run the course, record the time (elapsed time) and send it to for it to be recorded and entered into the club challenge. Please make sure you email from the email address your membership is setup with. The races are listed below.

As per previous year’s challenge, there is an age group category championship, which you have to race at least once to have a chance to win, and the challenge of completing 10 races to be awarded a gift.

You do not need to wear your club vest for these virtual events

To complete the challenge you must complete a minimum of 10 of the 27 events.

All times submitted will count and the best 10 point scoring runs will count towards the total. Only 3 races are allowed to be submitted per month.

Each runner has a handicap time calculated, based on age and gender performance, for each event.

The results will be age category grouped.

Age Categories:  Senior Mens,  Vet Men 40-49,  Vet Men 50-59,  Vet Men 60+

Senior Ladies,  Vet Ladies 35-44, Vet Ladies 45-54, Vet Ladies 55+

Please be mindful of keep the Governments guidelines in place at all times, and please don’t do anything that would look bad on the club.  Use your common sense and enjoy the challenge.

A few rules/guidelines

  1. Please complete the course, they are course races rather than a distance, as with all distance races, it’s from start to finish lines not the mileage.
  1. When submitting your times please set the activity to race, or ensure your screenshot shows the moving time and elapsed time, if you cannot show this you may be asked to submit another. Take your watch or phone off auto-pause as this will give you a false time.
  1. If you cheat with shortened distance or the moving time, you may be asked to re-submit another, please don’t get upset, it’s so everyone has the same rules and it’s fair for everyone.
  1. Send the screenshots
  1. Stick to the government’s advice guidelines on social distancing at all times
  1. Please don’t bring the club into disrepute by breaking the guidelines.

2021 Virtual Club Challenge Events

  Race Date Web Miles
1 No Walk in the Park Old Any Web Link 3.1
2 No Walk in the Park New Any Web Link 3.1
3 Holymoorside 10k Any Web Link 6.2
4 Grassmoor 10k Any Web Link 6.2
5 Twigg Handicap Any Web Link 6.2
6 Hardwick 10k Any Web Link 6.2
7 Spire 10 Any Web Link 10
8 Monsal 10k Any   6.2
9 Bakewell Parkrun
Any Web Link 3.1
10 Rother Valley Parkrun Any Web Link 3.1
11 Poolsbrook Parkrun
Any Web Link 3.1
12 Peak Rail 7 Any Web Link 7
13 Millhouses Parkrun Any Web Link 3.1
14 Stoney Middleton Any Web Link 5.33
15 Hob Hursts
Any Web Link 5
16 Baslow Bolt Any Web Link 7.5
17 Stanage Edge Any Web Link 6.2
18 Calver Any Web Link 5
19 Great Longstone Chase
Any Web Link 4.5
20 Eyam Fell Race
Any Web Link 6.6
21 Ricky’s Race Any Web Link 4.5
22 Hathersage Festival Any Web Link 5.46
23 Longshaw 10k
Any Web Link 6.2
24 Monsal Half Marathon
Any Web Link 13.1
25 Wingerworth Wobble
Any Web Link 4.5
26 Black Rocks Any Web Link 5.6
27 Hundle Hobble Any Web Link 5