💛❤️💛 Cross Country – diary dates 💛❤️💛

Hi, just a quick post to make you all aware of the upcoming cross country events that we will be looking to get teams out for. These are open to everyone, and all ability levels and will be a great strength builders for both body and mind. If you’re interested in any events please let John Sanderson or Emma Hicken know so we can collate names and teams.
All runners are to be first claim and EA registered, but I will confirm this on an event by event basis in any future correspondence.
Not listed are the Booths League XC races which normally start in October and run through 5 races to February. Booths events do not require EA registration and normally fall on the Sunday the day after the North Mids XC events listed below. More details to follow when available.
Saturday 16th
North Mids XC League @ Markheaton
Men 10k, Women 6k
Saturday 23rd
Northern Athletics XC Relays @ Graves Park, Sheffield
Men 4 x 2 mile, Women 3 x 2 mile
Saturday 30th
British Masters XC Relays @ Long Eaton
Vet 35, Vet 45, Vet 55, Vet 65 team options. No under 35’s eligible to run.
Men 5 x 3k, Women 3 x 3k
Saturday 6th
ECCA National XC Relays @ Berry Hill, Mansfield
Men 4 x 5k, Women 3 x 3k
(Limit of 3 teams per category)
Saturday 13th
North Mids XC League @ Kettering
Men 10k, Women 6k
Saturday 4th
North Mids XC League @ Heanor
Men 10k, Women 6k
Derbyshire XC Champs (possibly at Berry Hill, Mansfield)
Saturday 8th
normally 10k
Saturday 15th
North Mids XC League @ Berry Hill, Mansfield
Men 10k, Women 6k
Saturday 29th (date TBC)
Northern Athletics XC Championships
Most likely at Pontefeact but still waiting on licence
Saturday 26th
ECCA National XC Championships @ Parliament Hill, London
Men normally 12k and Women 8k (distance TBC)